Monday, April 09, 2007

Not SPACE this year... But Photos from FLUKE 2007!

Hey, here is Robert Newsome and Patrick Dean arguing about how much to charge me to get in. They decided on $45. Suckers! What a cheap table price for a con!

Here is a look over the bar when you walk into the show.

Here is some guy with some people behind them. They were all really nice.

To the left you can see Mr. Owly talking on his cell phone and in the back are my friends Ashley and Aaron.

Here is what you would have seen if you were standing in front of my table talking to me.

This is my wife Alexis talking to Aaron and Ashley (now moved closer to my table). Ashley is hold my beautiful daughter River Jane.

Here is a picture of my good buddy Patrick Dean talking to some girl about tofu and babies... I think, I just overheard parts of the conversation.

This picture is dark. sorry. It's because of all those huge windows and the Georgia Sun.

Here is my son Silas pimping Manley Days by walking around with his specially made shirt.

This is me.

Here is Silas checking to see if I am still following him.

Here he is checking out the table of his third favorite cartoonist ... "Hris Campbell"

And finally here is Patrick Dean looking at a picture he just took of me.

It was fun. I made tons of money. You should have come!


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